CLUCK FALLS IN LOVE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Muaj më parë

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Meowscles finds himself lost around Weeping Woods. He comes across some ravenous wolves who begin chasing after him, luckily Meowscles is rescued by his longtime friend Cluck. The two head off to Cluck’s house, where Cluck reveals to Meowscles his girlfriend Quackling! He retells the story of how the two met and when Cluck asks Meowscles about Jennifer Walters, Meowscles becomes a little disheartened as he remembers she left without saying goodbye. Meanwhile, Marigold plans to investigate the Spire in the center of the island to find clues about what happened with the Zero Point. Agent Jonesy declines sharing information to either of them in hopes that the guardian known as the Spire Assassin will get to Marigold.
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luffy Uchiha
luffy Uchiha 16 ditë më parë
jus gotta say i love the voice for cluck
Devin Robertson
Devin Robertson 17 ditë më parë
Im not crying your crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ashley Mcguffee
Ashley Mcguffee 22 ditë më parë
Love cluck can you keep him in video?
Gabriel Leigh
Gabriel Leigh 28 ditë më parë
Evil lexa kills clucks sibling
TGP- Henry
TGP- Henry Muaj më parë
Jennifer Lopez 😂😂
Alan Lin
Alan Lin Muaj më parë
3:13 welp that’s gonna give me nightmares Good night
Octo rees
Octo rees Muaj më parë
i miss orin
Angel Valdez
Angel Valdez Muaj më parë
wai cluck is a chicken but she is a duck
Shel. Muaj më parë
Day 1 of asking for you to Bring Rogue the Hybrid back there’s no way he wouldn’t help them fight these seasons he’s been gone way to long.
Gabriel Leigh
Gabriel Leigh Muaj më parë
Jennifer lopez lol
Aaron Huckett
Aaron Huckett Muaj më parë
Jules/Marigold just cant take a break!
Luke Tawhiao
Luke Tawhiao Muaj më parë
Lexa:cHiKi NuGgE's Me:Chuck is right there
Leina Lassiter
Leina Lassiter Muaj më parë
Gosh, if only I could have a man as sweet as Cluck. Anyways, I’m so happy that everything seems to be going good right now. I mean, Marigold still has to find Midas. But it seems as if everything as calm and like there’s no chaos right now. Everyone finally gets a little bit of a break. Meowscles finally gets to see Jen again while the others meet up with their loved ones. I still miss Orin tho. I didn’t like him much at first I guess. But I really miss him now. I’m glad Alexa was able to talk to him again. Or at least see him.
Fullins Family
Fullins Family Muaj më parë
So we not going to talk about the beginning when meow ear was glitchy....
Marco Ball
Marco Ball Muaj më parë
Cluck,"But there is a lot of chicks out there," Me: Awww I get it. I get it. This is a pun huh? Because if it is, great one. But Cluck, I have one thing. WHY DID YOU STEAL PEELYS HOUSE?????????? HE OWNED IT!
nøt r3x ləl
nøt r3x ləl Muaj më parë
They should've used the Aura skin when Marigold was staring at the water at the end, since that was her original look 😅 nevertheless, great episode
SIR BULLDOG 101 Muaj më parë
Anyone going to notice the fact that clucks I cannibal
Jason Duron
Jason Duron Muaj më parë
Ok when are you going to show Kondor against drift linx and vi
Jenny Menzies
Jenny Menzies Muaj më parë
The end = sadness
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez Muaj më parë
I didn't know that cat was still there
marigold fortnite
marigold fortnite Muaj më parë
Slugify Muaj më parë
Character development go brrrr
Muaj më parë
Meowscels and Jennifer Lopez
Dapunta Akio jayanasa
Dapunta Akio jayanasa Muaj më parë
Cluck is a canibal
Gbaby Sweat
Gbaby Sweat Muaj më parë
I love y'all so much
Silvia Orozco
Silvia Orozco Muaj më parë
Riley Ramirez
Riley Ramirez Muaj më parë
so sad
Gadget Man Gaming
Gadget Man Gaming Muaj më parë
R.I.P Jim
Harlene Mathews
Harlene Mathews Muaj më parë
i think cluck its real
Turkey Animates!
Turkey Animates! Muaj më parë
Can we see Jen and Deadpool fight to break the fourth wall or the intro please? I just thought it would be funny.
Donovan Durand
Donovan Durand Muaj më parë
😢sad 😢
Donovan Durand
Donovan Durand Muaj më parë
The end man it’s just
GC Gaming
GC Gaming Muaj më parë
Did meows leave say I’m happy for mew two?
vsp.alexaa _
vsp.alexaa _ Muaj më parë
Terra Burnham
Terra Burnham Muaj më parë
the ending is so sad I am literally crying right now
Blue Gamer
Blue Gamer Muaj më parë
5:34 jennifer lopez?
tucker spiderhulk boss
tucker spiderhulk boss Muaj më parë
You right coolest gamer
ZaRon Hunter
ZaRon Hunter Muaj më parë
# rip orin
Odonis Rushin
Odonis Rushin Muaj më parë
frogkinggentile Muaj më parë
Oh my got cluck you kiled my friends but your to cute to blame
Gwoot Gaming
Gwoot Gaming Muaj më parë
Meowscles ears at the beginning of the video
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Muaj më parë
I thought chicken was white
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Muaj më parë
How do cluck know meowscles
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Muaj më parë
Meowscles live
Kid Chef Gaming
Kid Chef Gaming Muaj më parë
Who care is that. Clock is in love Jen is back with meowscles 🥳🥳🥳🥳
R I Z Z Y Muaj më parë
I really hope they bring orin back I miss him
Space Boy 17
Space Boy 17 Muaj më parë
Aaden Salazar
Aaden Salazar Muaj më parë
bruh how is meowsceles alive he died from predator there story line is weird.
Bradley Muaj më parë
The end is an emotional rollercoaster
Baron Betz
Baron Betz Muaj më parë
They should be making a female cluck
Bolt Guy
Bolt Guy Muaj më parë
I like how he says you know
Evangelion Drip
Evangelion Drip Muaj më parë
Honest sage reliaty and they treat him like that
night games
night games Muaj më parë
Cluck liveing that cannibal life 4:14
RaZe Assassin
RaZe Assassin Muaj më parë
Cluck said jenifer lopez lol
Juan Veloz
Juan Veloz Muaj më parë
He said Jennifer Lopez
Chillvibes Muaj më parë
It's a love returns episode :D
Chillvibes Muaj më parë
there "love birds"
Rainbow deer 3204
Rainbow deer 3204 Muaj më parë
In the beginning what was wrong with his ear
Hunkerpunk 64
Hunkerpunk 64 Muaj më parë
Marigolds a jerk
silvia morganti
silvia morganti Muaj më parë
Poor ant man
Athar Falah
Athar Falah Muaj më parë
So is drift and Linx dead
Fornite Wreckers
Fornite Wreckers Muaj më parë
His ear doe 0:01
Kevin Rivers
Kevin Rivers Muaj më parë
I’m I the only one that thinks cluck is evil
movie pro
movie pro Muaj më parë
Wait wasnt neocles dead by predator in live event?
Christopher Colón
Christopher Colón Muaj më parë
A duck?
Stanley Reyna
Stanley Reyna Muaj më parë
There has to be a thing a video with Jen and meowscles please and the ending touched my heart
Laffmeee On fn
Laffmeee On fn Muaj më parë
loth Wolf
loth Wolf Muaj më parë
That cluck voice is scary
Gabriel Leigh
Gabriel Leigh Muaj më parë
Quack quack lexa I agree
Midas Muaj më parë
Nobody: Me: *cries when I see Jennifer Walters and Lexa remembering Orin and Jules looking at herself* ...
Bendy Royale
Bendy Royale Muaj më parë
sinned Muaj më parë
Kill the cat like the trailer and stop milking it
Kerma Muaj më parë
Cluck got my new favorite voice 👌😔
Lynne Herzig
Lynne Herzig Muaj më parë
Chickens eat eggs now
Cam S
Cam S Muaj më parë
That ending was sad other than when meowcles got Jen back
Coley Hines
Coley Hines Muaj më parë
Oof.... the ending tho
Coley Hines
Coley Hines Muaj më parë
Can’t believe cluck is a long time friend of meowscles.
Ennardbear 7276
Ennardbear 7276 Muaj më parë
Just RanbooFan
Just RanbooFan Muaj më parë
Meowscles ear at the beginning- 😳😳😳
TurtleKing2178 Muaj më parë
Cluck’s girlfriend *shudder*
Brayden Compton
Brayden Compton Muaj më parë
Everyone is reuniting...well except for Jim and Mary, and Lexa and Orin...
Bruh Muaj më parë
In ending its sad
Bruh Muaj më parë
Cluck voice killing me am sorry
Kit - Kat
Kit - Kat Muaj më parë
Part of me REALLY REALLY hopes that there might be some way that John Jones can bring Orin back
Joseph Hart
Joseph Hart Muaj më parë
Thank GOD Meowscles isn't dead
DandE Lapka
DandE Lapka Muaj më parë
I love your videos
Kyleoswy5 Muaj më parë
one of my fav charters on newscapepro is meowscles
CombatAdecool79 Muaj më parë
This makes my eyes hurt
Kai Brewster
Kai Brewster Muaj më parë
ok no joke I cried at the end Mary and Orin got me (cause orin is better than lexa)
Naif The gamer
Naif The gamer Muaj më parë
P Sean
P Sean Muaj më parë
Can I be in your videos please😢? Username is buffolzobadboy or buffalo a bad boy
ANR Muaj më parë
The ending made me cry ngl..... (Don't make fun of me ok? I get emotional fast)
Mackenzie Phelps
Mackenzie Phelps Muaj më parë
And my channel fllet*k
X_smokescreen_X Muaj më parë
the piano got me and and maybe tear up a bit when nremembering the memories
David Mata
David Mata Muaj më parë
Poor Mary the Henchwoman got her love killed
amogus Muaj më parë
I love this season
Weenis Muaj më parë
Cluck talks like a mobster
Mina Anwar
Mina Anwar Muaj më parë
In the sequel guff will come and fight cluck for her love.
Marine Animations
Marine Animations Muaj më parë
Brother: Well she’s kinda weird and ug- **proceeds to grab tactical AR** “You wanna hear the music next?”
Can I get some bruhs
Can I get some bruhs Muaj më parë
Mergold is actually Jules mom and Midas is Jules dad
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